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As featured on the BBC. The Body Electric is a series of sexy, funny, romantic books about the Morgenstern family and their robots. 100% of the profits of these books will be donated to the ACLU.

Love Machine (Book 1)

  He’s hot, he’s horny, he’s…blue? Good-time girl Cally Morgenstern has never paid much attention to the robots her father built to take care of her family. That is, until one night when her vibrator runs out of batteries. And hey, if you’ve got a six-foot hunky robot offering to relieve your sexual frustration, you’re…

Man or Machine (Book 2 coming soon)

  Sometimes the man you think you want is only seventy-six per cent of the man you need. Geek-girl Ilsa Morgenstern has had enough heartbreak to last a lifetime. So she builds herself Dallas: a smart, sexy male robot to keep her satisfied without requiring any pesky emotions. She’s not expecting her ex-boyfriend, computer genius…

Hardware (Book 3, coming soon)

He’s turned on and wired for pleasure… Dallas is a sex-bot. He’s got a body built for passion and a mind that can calculate the pleasure potential of any possible position in less than a nanosecond. And having downloaded a lifetime’s worth of online porn, he takes talking dirty to a whole new level. But…

Software (Book 4, coming soon)

Her emotions are out of CTRL… Red is one angry robot. An emotional matrix meant for one of her fellow androids has been uploaded into her by mistake, bringing with it a motherboard of unwanted feelings. On the streets of New York, she finds the perfect stress release – using bad guys as punch bags….

About Electra

  Electra Shepherd is the pseudonym of an internationally best-selling, award-winning author. She enjoys travel, reading and extreme Lego. You can read more about her on the BBC website. Her mainstream fiction can be found here. Her fan fiction can be found here.