The Body Electric is a series of sexy, funny, romantic books about the Morgenstern family and their robots.

Not so long ago, genius inventor Victor Morgenstern created three robots: Red, Blue and Green. They were each perfect physical humanoid specimens, with bald heads, glowing eyes, and huge intellectual capacity. They were named after the colours of their respective skin. Although Red, Blue and Green didn’t have personalities as such, they were immensely clever and useful beings, light-years ahead of current 21st-century technology. Victor Morgenstern created them in secret to look after his grown-up children. He knew he was going to die soon.

It’s fair to say he didn’t quite expect some of the things his robots would get up to.

Cally Morgenstern, the middle sibling, loves men. Unlike the rest of her family, she’s no genius, but she knows how to have fun. She scoffs at love…because underneath, she feels that she doesn’t deserve it.

Ilsa Morgenstern, the youngest, is a geek. She prefers the company of computers and chatbots to humans. She’s hiding a broken heart, and hiding it so well that none of her family even know it’s been broken.

Jonathan Morgenstern, the eldest, is a financial whiz. He travels all over the world, doing business and meeting people…but he’s never made a real connection with any of them.

And then there’s Blue. And Red. And Green. And also a few other high-tech beings. Because people made out of complex polymers and electrical impulses have needs and desires, too…

Book One: Love Machine 

Book Two: Man or Machine

Book Three: Hardware (coming soon)

Book Four: Software (coming soon)

Book Five: Ghost in the Machine (coming soon)

Electric Sheep - Generation 244 - Sheep 2731
Original art by Scott Draves and the Electric Sheep

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Brenda Clausen says:

    I can’t wait until the next book!

  2. Thanks, Brenda! Book 2, Man or Machine, should be out quite soon. I’m working on Book 3 now.

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