Software (Book 4, coming soon)

Her emotions are out of CTRL…

Red is one angry robot. An emotional matrix meant for one of her fellow androids has been uploaded into her by mistake, bringing with it a motherboard of unwanted feelings. On the streets of New York, she finds the perfect stress release – using bad guys as punch bags.

Zillah is a waitress by day, novelist by night and lonely 24/7. She runs into trouble late one night and is saved by a beautiful, emotionally incontinent, naked red robot. Who then starts to appear in Zillah’s dreams, sporting sexy special attachments and an irresistible smile.

Red asks Zillah to help her fight crime. And to teach her about her new emotions: fury, fear, fun, lust… And in return, Red makes Zillah’s X-rated dreams come true.

New York might be seeing red, but do the unlikely superheroes have what it takes to save each other?


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  1. walker4long says:

    Great cover art!

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