Hardware (Book 3, coming soon)

He’s turned on and wired for pleasure…

Dallas is a sex-bot. He’s got a body built for passion and a mind that can calculate the pleasure potential of any possible position in less than a nanosecond. And having downloaded a lifetime’s worth of online porn, he takes talking dirty to a whole new level.

But underneath his sex-obsessed circuits, Dallas knows there’s more to life than libido and lube. What he wants is love and the object of his affection is fellow robot, Green.

The problem is that Green doesn’t know how to feel. He’s been built without emotions or any working sexual parts. The parts are easy—a quick nip and weld and he’s good to go—but when an emotional upgrade goes spectacularly wrong, Green is left with the sex-drive of a rampant rabbit and the emotional intelligence of a fridge.

The sex is sizzling but it’s never enough. Can one robot teach the other that doing it with love makes everything better?


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