Man or Machine (Book 2 coming soon)


Sometimes the man you think you want is only seventy-six per cent of the man you need.

Geek-girl Ilsa Morgenstern has had enough heartbreak to last a lifetime. So she builds herself Dallas: a smart, sexy male robot to keep her satisfied without requiring any pesky emotions.

She’s not expecting her ex-boyfriend, computer genius Hal Thomas, to break into her home wanting to steal her secrets. And she’s certainly not expecting that Dallas will want Ilsa and Hal to help increase his knowledge of human sexuality, by having sex with him. Both separately and together.

As the robot/human encounters get closer, and even hotter, those emotions start surfacing again. Can Ilsa avoid another heartbreak?

This book contains male-male action, a male-female-male threesome and a robot who learned his speech patterns from watching internet porn. Yeah, baby.

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